In December of 2010, Audiofile ended its 14-year run on This Way Out.
The co-producers decided to move on to other projects, but we thoroughly
enjoyed bringing you each year the best of new recordings by GLBT artists.
So this page now becomes a gateway to the Audiofile Archives, where every
edition of the 14 years can still be heard, just a click away.
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Some History...

Audiofile was the monthly radio review of new music of interest to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
communities. It aired on over 200 stations around the world as a regular feature of This Way Out,
the international LGBT magazine and on IMRU which airs on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and on the Internet.

Each month the show profiled three CDs and provided the listener not only a taste of the music but also
commentary directly from the artist.

Audiofile began in January of 1997 when Chris Wilson and Pam Marshall (life partners and radio feature
producers) were asked to create a regular music review segment for This Way Out. From January 2001
through December 2010, the show was hosted by Chris Wilson and JD Doyle and was co-produced with
award-winning engineer Christopher David Trentham. JD (since 2000) produced Queer Music Heritage,
a part of Queer Voices on KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston, and also, from January of 2010, the internet show OutRadio.
Both of those shows ended in March 2015.

Audiofile was awarded a Silver Reel from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters in January of 1998
for National Music or Entertainment Series. In 1999 the show received two "Golden Mikes" from the
Southern California Radio/Television News Association
. Audiofile was a nominee for a Gay/Lesbian American
Music Award and co-producers Chris Wilson and JD Doyle were nominees for the Outmusic
"Outstanding Support" award in 2001, and JD received the award in 2002. In addition, in 2005 JD received
a Special Merit Award for Local Music Entertainment Program from the National Federation of Community
for his edition of Queer Music Heritage called "Queer Music Before Stonewall."

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